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Good Morning Kete, your songs are all fantastic and they get better as you go along. I wish you much success. Have a great day! :-)
Great music, great voice...enoy your tracks
Merely a smiling visitor here to share the love , btw outstanding style. Audacity, a lot more audacity and always audacity. by Georges Jacques Danton. ccfbgceeedgf
Some wonderful pictures. Remarkable shades. my website -
Howdy Kete...hope all is well with you! We have snow in South Texas this morning...very unusual for us. Have a great evening! :-)
~Outstanding tunes you share over the notes of tunes.
Hi Kete, love the music great sound beautiful voice and I am always listening your songs...
Always a joy to listen to your music
Great to have you as a friend on FB, Kete, and I enjoy hearing your music on Soundcloud and elsewhere!
Well Kete! It's been 4 years or so since we talked and your music is just as great now as it was then ! Keep givin it to em my friend ! Rollin E. Reed Music Road Radio
Keep on keeping on & keeping us rockin' Kete
love yor singing .it great
Hey hope ur having a gud day still listening to great music on ur cd I won last year keep it coming:-)tc xx
Hello Kete, everything allright? I like your website Kind regards
Hello Kete. Like your songs
just want to say hello Kete love your music as allways
Aloha Kete you got some great reviews on your web site. hope you're staying busy with gigs and writing some new material for another great album....stay safe.. pete
Hi Kete ! here I am just to say hello to you !! your website looks great ! Hope to meet you one day in person !! Who knows, somewhere in Belgium? big hug from your facebookfriend Betty
Thoroughly recommend your album. Looking forward to the next one. Keep up the good work Kete. Sorry, sounding like a teacher!!
Loving your music Kete. Keep it coming. Good website.
so emotive and your country...its a place I could live....Spyder
Nice website and music. God bless!
Been friends for along time!! Still Love ya! man!!
Love your music "Daddy" Keep it coming love!!!
Thanks for letting me know of your site, Richard Harris (MySpace)
Hello Kete! I'm still lovin' on your music and spreading the word! Best wishes, Carol
Hi Kete, hope you're enjoying a fine English spring day (the non-wet variety). Looking forward to the 2nd album whenever it comes. A few up-tempo songs sound like a nice change of pace. Best wishes.
Helloooooooooooooooo Kete !!
beautiful site--love the front photo :)
Hi Kete, Just stopped by to say "hello again", love your music, still play your album often, mostly in my car.. still awesome...
Hi Kete, love the music great sound beautiful voice
Great song, great voice, great arrangement. Keep them coming!
Hi Kete made up your still doin it mate album sounds neat lots of influences in there from your past hope you are good mate speak soon hopefully. Gaz
Love to hear you sing. Keep the music coming. On this song you sort of sound like Neil Diamond!!Who I like also!!
Love your music
Absolutely love your voice and your music. Thank you!!!!!
nice site kete sending best wishes
you most likley dont reamber me i got you on M.S and i got one of you'r cd you sent me years ago.. can you please also sign mine on M.S keep playing thoses great songs
Hello Kete from sunny Kent. :-)
well, well Kete :-) Hugs from Germany - Marlis
great looking site mate your sounding excellent too very im pressed see you for a beer soon
hi Kete !! love your music ! love your presence on facebook too !! Take care ! lots of love from Belgium Betty and Luc
doing good xxx
Enjoyed listenin'your songs. All the best of luck.
Still brilliant Kete. Hope you're ok and must catch up soon. Take care. John and Pete x
Kete..this is really a great song. They are all great..just keep on "Shining"
I'm from Mexico, i love country music, i think you are good, i know it's not easy so good luck, you deserve it
Hello dear sir.
I like this. How is it going?
LOVE your music, Kete! All the best to you...
Thanks for songs like "Road" and "Shine" (all of your song makes me wanna dance, cry, sing, make some music yself, write books....) Hope to hear some new stuff soon! Greetings from Oslo, Norway
I think you are a great singer and love too listen too you lovely lyrics. Whish you all the luck!!;D
Morning Dear !!!!!!!
Love the music! Gets better all the time.
Love your music. Hope that you will come to the US sometime soon and especially to the Boston area. You rock! Am a huge fan of John Prine; you must have been somewhat influenced by his music.
really truly love your is amazing
Kete, you're better each time out on that stage. Blessings . . . . .
Hope you having great time in Nashville, brill cd.
Hi Kete, at last I managed to order a copy of Road on CD baby. I gave up on I Tunes. Great website, enjoyed browsing. Good luck in Nashville but haste ye back here! They will just LOVE you.. :D
I enjoy your music! Thank you!
Love your music,Love your voice!
Lovely , lovely xoxox
like your website. I find it interesting that being a Brit u sing like an American...! maybe u r one at heart, huh? best wishes for ur trip to Nashville!
I enjoy your great music
Kete! You're still AWESOME! It's been awhile my friend and it's GREAT to see you doing so well! God has blessed you!
In order to compose,all you need to do is remember a tune that nobody else has thought of...(R.Schumann) :-)) Thanks a lot.
i realy enjoy your music...
Keep singing.
Hi Kete, Enjoyed your website and thanks for adding "SHINE". I always have to come listen to that helps me make it thru the day. Keep up the good work! Have a great day :-)
Hello! Sounds great!
Your site looks fantastic Kete! xoxo
bought the album, love it. Nashville will love you.
Hi mate great stuff hope you are well !!
Love everything xx
Aloha Kete ... great album of luck to you in Nashville. they gonna be good to you. you're one of the "family" .Write on.........
Still enjoying your CD, take care and god bless! Hope you tour the states soon!
Hi Kete, Just wanted to say that I love your music. It goes right into my heart. I'd love to see you in concert, and I hope you will come to Oslo, Norway to play real soon! Good luck on your projects!! :-)
hey kete. Good luck with the album, it really is beautiful and u deserve to go far.
Love your music Kete,only great things coming your way xxxx
Finally got a taster of your music and loving it. Great website aswel. see you soon x x
Love your Voice, and Music!
Good stuff in a time of so much musical crap
Great New Website
absolutely LOVE your voice, you are awesome!
You're the BEST, Kete...
love the music, love Shine,
Nashville's gonna love you... go for it Kete.....Aloha..
Great Music!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Really like your music Kete!