Kete Bowers

Kete Bowers is a singer / songwriter born in Liverpool. His music crosses many genres from Country, Folk, Rock, Americana and Blues.

Kete started writing his own songs in 2008. Recorded his debut album “Road” in 2010, and in April 2013 he released two songs, White River Road and Ghosts.


kete bowers
Posted on April 5, 2016 by marklosingtoday...

soured in personalised reflection and haunted by past memories, there’s a poetic bleakness about Kete Bowers’ ‘north side of the river’ that’s painted in northern grit, it’s a place where the spectres of fallen industrial communities and local heroes disturb the waking hours paused in contemplative thought. Each of us are haunted similarly, travelling through life gathering along the way our own personal collection of spectres, yet where many strain and buckle to the drag of despair, Bowers tailors his bruising acoustic craft to serve a bitter sweet countrified spiritual that hangs and echo to the intimate tug of Mr Springsteen’s ‘the ghost of Tom Joad’.

Live Recording 13/01/2016...

You can watch the video here:…153835951844188/

“ A top – notch songwriter, up there with such other rootsy country tunesmiths as Guy Clark, Rodney Crowell and John Prine. One of the finest debuts I've heard in many a moon.”

Alan Cackett: Maverick Country Magazine. 2011.

“A lot of international country artists are more authentic than the ones here at home. Kete Bowers is one of those artists.”

Pure Country Magazine. USA. 2011.

“Powerful and compelling”.

Steve Caseman. R2 Rock and Reel Magazine. 2011.

“ This is rootsy country music rather than over polished Nashville, it's evocative and tells a story the way country songs used to. Except those stories have moved with the time. The traditions and country are being well looked after and Liverpool born Kete Bowers knows the heart”.

Fatea Magazine May 2013.

“That timeless feel in the music and lyrics is just right to allow the song to fit on any modern – day radio format.

Review of White River Road. 2013.
By Matheson Kamin
Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)

“White River Road” captures the sound of heartache and loss and does so in a way that is rather beautiful and that's a feat, to be sure”.

Review of White River Road. 2013.
By Andrew Greenhalgh.